River & Me - Wedding Albums


Printed with archival ink on fine art paper is a museum quality art book. Each album is 10 x 10″, 20 spreads with 40 pages . Our wedding albums cover options include Full Photo Wrap, Book Cloth, and Exotic or Café Leathers. At River and Me Wedding Co, we use the professional services of Vision Art in the US to help bring your special day to a handcrafted masterpiece.

Why purchase a wedding album?

Unlike viewing photos on a computer, wedding albums offer your children, grandchildren and ancestors a magical experience. Each specially crafted and created page becomes a timeless souvenir that will continue to tell your love story for decades. You can’t compare between the screen and a professionally printed image.

Many couples choose packages that don’t include albums. How can you blame them, they’re expensive! We thought the same thing when we got married. However, many years lately we have utterly regretted that decision. We invested most of our budget towards our professional photographer and only wished now that we could flip the pages of a timeless album and show our little boy. How convenient and special it would be to have a book of wonderful memories lying nearby to relive that moment all over again. Wedding albums last a lifetime!

We love to show our albums to our clients over coffee so that they can make an informed decision. Get in contact with us and lets chat!

Ben Holbourn