Planning Your Wedding Day (and getting the most out of your photographer)

Planning your wedding day is one of the most essential processes to getting married. No doubt you want everything to run smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy the day as it unfolds. Although there are no rules, this guide will offer you some helpful hints for you to consider when planning your wedding day.

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions offer the couple a chance to get to know and get comfortable with their photographer. Not everyone adapts to the camera naturally and sometimes a little practice session pre- wedding can make the world of difference on the big day. An engagement session also allows the couple to discuss with their photographer any ideas they might have or ask any questions about what to expect on the day.

Getting Ready

Gold Coast wedding getting ready portrait

If you have booked to have your photographer capture those intimate getting ready moments then these helpful tips apply to you. You may choose to get ready at home, in a hotel room or suite or at a salon. To get the most out of your photographer and images you should take into consideration the following;

Light – set up your make up and hair stylist under the place with the best natural light. You can do this by finding the nearest window and opening up all of the curtains. A well lit room will provide you with the most optimal results in your images.

Cleanliness – think about your final product and what you expect to see in the background. Check the bed, side tables and floors before your photographer arrives so that you get the desired outcome in your images. Your photographer will often move things around, however I’m sure you would rather utilise their time better.

The Ceremony

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The ceremony location can sometimes pose tricky for photographers. They have to take into consideration the light, space and other people. If your ceremony is outdoors then you will definitely need to consider the time and where the light is facing. Most photographers will research the venue in advance to check how the sun may affect the images. You may want to discuss the timing of the ceremony with your photographer before confirming with your venue and celebrant. Another element to consider is having your guests tuck their iPad and phone away during the ceremony. Uncle Bob holding an iPad up as you’re gracefully walking down the aisle isn’t the most ideal backdrop. Lastly, if

you have hired a videographer, let your photographer know their details so they can contact them prior to the big day. You will want your photographer and videographer to work seamlessly together on the day. Unfortunately, some videographers will set up in a photographer's prime position for the best images. A simple meeting can alleviate any potential problems.

Family Portraits

Ideally, family and group photos should take place immediately after the ceremony. This can take anywhere from 15min to 45min depending on what your expectations are. Provide your photographer with a list prior to your wedding day so that no-one is missed on the day. To make things run smoothly, assign a friend or family member to round up your guests. That way you will have more time for your bridal party portraits.

Couple Portraits

Brisbane wedding couple portrait session

Your photographer will place the most emphasis on this part of your wedding day. These are the images that will be enlarged, displayed and shared with all of your family and friends for many years to come. Timing and location can be crucial depending on your expectations. If you envision you and your new husband or wife embracing each other on a cliff face with a burning sunset behind you then planning is crucial. You and your photographer will need take into consideration; time of sunset, how much time you have before reception, how far you want to travel, how many locations you want for variety and whether or not you intend to take you bridal party with you.


Gold Coast wedding reception photo booth Kombi

When planning your wedding day, it’s important to consider whether you want your photographer there right to the end. If you have only booked your photographer for 8hrs then you will need to make sure that all formalities are timed so that your photographer can capture them before they leave.

Remember, there are no rules! Your photographer’s ultimate goal is to simply document and capture the beauty of your day as it unfolds.

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